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3 January 2017

We have just launched the subscriptions of Great Battle Of Gotland – Delphia Challenge 2017, which will start on Sunday, 10 of September, traditionally at noonday. As you can see, the DELPHIA YACHTS company has become a Strategic Partner again, which has given us confidence and will again support the organization of the most difficult regatta on Baltic sea. So again, we will host the wonderful Marina Delphia, where the competitors will be able to prepare for the start, fans and guests will be able to fill the Regatta Village and fighting in in competition for the best “warrior” totem. There will be also a Regatta Office and every returning warior will be welcomed as a winner.

We would like to remind you that the number of competitors will be limited, each yacht will undergo a technical inspection and every skipper will verify the self-preparation and training due to safety priority. The current rules are already on the page, please read before sending the application.

Be afraid Gotland – another warrior’s charge against you