Start   19 September 2021 at 12:00

We are starting the 9th edition of the Battle of Gotland!

17 August 2020

This year is unlike any other in many ways. Pandemic, long-term lockdown, difficulties in traveling. But one thing remains unchanged – in mid-September a group of daredevils will face the autumn Baltic Sea!

Yes, it really is! We are only 4 weeks away from the start!
We are starting the countdown to the Great Sailing Battle of Gotland 2020!

How will it be this year?

At the start of 19 players, the squad is as masculine as ever. On the list of 18 men and a regular at the Battle – Aleksandra Emche. Among them, many very determined candidates to win the Battle Trophy. But did Capt. Zenon Jankowski and Oceanna will be willing to give it back? It promises to be a fierce competition, as the horde of Battle veterans is already getting ready to fight. There are also as many as five debutants on the list.

Of course, as every year, the yachts of the guards – Angels will appear on the route, and our proven Coastal Team will watch over the whole race before and during the whole race. You will be able to read about all of this and many other issues related to the Battle on our website and on the profile on Facebook and Instagram. The latter is new, so if Instagram is your favorite medium – check out the Battle profile here!

So much for news. What about the rest? It will be like always. The autumn Baltic, the hardships and joys of solo sailing, and this extraordinary atmosphere created by the whole family of battle. This is our favorite month of the year. Stay with us!

The Battle of Gotland team