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Something special for Battle fans

22 August 2019

This has not happened yet! This year it is possible to buy Battle clothes, previously reserved for a small group of Competitors, Partners and Organizers.

Every year they enjoyed huge popularity and we were asked many times about this possibility. So there they are! You can get a Battle Hauberk (softshell jacket) and a long sleeve sweatshirt made of technical material :) Clothes are in production, so we can’t show photos. But you know them for sure from previous years. Below we present visualizations and historical photos. :)


Softshell jacket – 360 zł

Sweatshirt with long sleeve – 120 zł

Clothes ordered up to August 25 will be available for collection during the regatta in Marina Przełom (after this date it will be possible to send or collect them personally after the end of the regatta at the Maristo store: ul. Grunwaldzka 6, Rumia).

Limited quantity! You can already order by e-mail to the address wyprzedaze@maristo.pl or by writing to us in a private message on Facebook LINK HERE, and in response to the message you will receive all relevant information about the payment and the method of delivery (in case of the lack of personal collection). Make sure you enter the sizes. Welcome!