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Film screening at the Regatta Village

7 September 2019

The tradition of recent years has become a film show in the regatta village in Marina Przełom, the day before the start of the Battle. And so it will be this year. Thanks to the kindness of Jachtfilm, you will be able to see a movie about the theme of maritime regattas. Welcome! The film will be broadcast after dark around 21.30. 

This year, the film “Miracle at Sea” will be broadcast in our cinema under the cloud.

The film shows one of the most dramatic episodes of the Vendée Globe regatta in 1996. The Vendée Globe regatta is a non-stop solo regatta around the world. Difficult and demanding, abundant in accidents and other events. Those taking place in 1996 were extremely unlucky. Out of 16 starting yachts, only 6 completed the race. 9 yachts had breakdowns, one was lost …

Among the participants of the regatta was Tony Bullimore, a 57-year-old British sailor, former naval officer, and businessman. He was sailing on his yacht Exide Challenger. On January 5, 1997, approximately 1300 nautical miles south of Australia, a yacht hit by a massive wave collapsed. The yacht lost its keel, the hull remained on the water in masts down position. Bullimore spent almost 6 days inside the overturned yacht.

The Australian Navy undertook a rescue operation. A search aircraft, helicopters and a warship HMS Adelaide were involved. During the search for a British sailor, another participant in the regatta, Frenchman Thierry Dubois, was rescued, whose yacht also overturned and was abandoned. Due to the extent of the action and its costs, an extensive public discussion about the incurring such costs by society and the issue of the safety of organizing such regattas has risen in Australia.

The presented film is unique due to the original film photos taken during the rescue operation.