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BoG 2019 – not just a difficult race

22 August 2019

This is the 8th edition of the Battle of Gotland! The list of competitors is closed and the preparations have entered the final phase. On this occasion, it is worth mentioning the organizational aspect of our undertaking.

Since the Battle was founded in 2012, it has always been associated with a huge challenge and high scale of difficulty. Every year, we describe to you how difficult this race is for many reasons: demanding and dangerous sea, 500 miles solo without interruption and outside help, etc.

But the Battle is not only a great sailing test – for competitors, but also organizational – for us. Here the challenges start much earlier than on the starting line – practically on the first day after the end of a given edition, we begin preparations for the next Great Sailing Battle of Gotland. From the beginning, the Battle is a regatta at a very high organizational level, and often the organizers of other maritime regattas implement our solutions, which makes us very happy. Care for safety, high organizational quality and a great atmosphere – this is our business card and a magnet that attracts both players and fans. We are proud of it and it drives us to the effort.

Such organization requires a lot of work, commitment and … of course, money. This year, we can again count on the support of our long-term partners: TEKNOS – OLIVA (producer of, among others, great yacht paints), MARISTO.pl sailing shop, KONSAL security agency, the KOMPAS company – an experienced leisure organizer for children and the OCEAN TEAM sailing school. We also received an invitation from the owners of MARINA PRZŁOM, so we will be able to make ourselves comfortable again in this extremely pleasant and atmospheric place, where thanks to the hosts we feel really at home. Thank you for that!

In the meantime, it is less than a month to start. The shore team is completed and, as always, wonderful, committed people are with us. Subcontractors are working on the implementation of the necessary materials, and the organization is entering the most dynamic pre-start period. As every year, fans will be able to follow the struggle online. We will also see each other traditionally the day before the start in Marina Przełom, where life will not go down until the finish of the last competitor. We also have a surprise for fans that we will soon announce. Welcome!

On behalf of the organizers

Regatta Commander, kpt. Krystian Szypka