Start   19 September 2021 at 12:00

Archiwum: May 2017

Battle of Gotland project partner See the Sea

19 May 2017

We are extremely pleased to announce that, at the start of Great Battle Of Gotland – Delphia Challenge 2017 will be an extra yacht with a blind sailor.

Romek Roczeń, is a character known for years in the sailing world for two reasons: amazing sailing projects for blind sailors “See the Sea” Foundation and wonderful sailing songs, so characteristic of his performance. Romek, supported by last year’s “Seeing Assistant”, is planning to make rounding Gotland alone on the GBoG route. For security reasons, Robert Krzemiński will also be on duty to act as a “fuse” to react in a dangerous situation, while Romek will take on all the sailing effort.

We are extremely impressed by this challenge, so to meet the brave sailor and the beautiful idea of the Foundation we decided to embrace Romka with the safety shield we provide to fighters. Romek can not compete as a fighter but will start on the 10th at noon with our Players to fight his own battle with his own limitations and we will keep in touch with him and pass on important information. We keep our fingers crossed for the success of Roman, who will give positive energy to all people who can prove otherwise that all life barriers can be overcome by the consequences, the spirit of fortitude and the courage.